Security and Surveillance Solution

Vivid Technologies

What is Security and Surveillance Solution

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Consumer tv

Sustainability in business refers to a company’s strategy to reduce negative environmental impact resulting from their operations

Designed for residential use.
Brightness levels built for in-home environments – typicallylimited to 350 cd/m2.
Designed for use as a television, primarily for TV content and consumer electronics.
Consumer TVs focus on HDMI connectors and are generallylimited on availability of other input types.
Consumer TVs dont have IR or front panel lock out, leaving TVs vulnerable to pranksters.
Not designed to support cooling needs while in portrait mode.
Chassis design changes frequently, meeting needs of residential users, not business clients.
Develop image-retention issues

Commercial Displays

Designed with clean, symmetrical lines and sometimes don’t include the manufacturers logo.
More ruggedly constructed for high-traffic areas ranging from conference rooms to public spaces.
Brightness levels built for high-ambient light conditions – ranging from 350 to 4,000+ cd/m2
Are designed to simultaneously display both broadcast TV and promotional content.
Commercial displays have expanded input panels with a wider variety of inputs (VGA, DVI, Display Port, HDMI and can also include video-loop out).
Built to run from 16/7 to 24/7 hours per day, have better cooling for longer runtimes.
Enabled to support portrait mode.
Maintain longer lifecycles of industrial design, enabling a cleaner, more consistent deployment.
Leverage technology protecting against image retention.